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Stay Connected

Connect your entire family 24x7 through unlimited photos enjoyed in an endless slideshow on your own TV. Enhance photos with voice and text captions to make current and past moments and memories come to life.

Sherish is a perfect antidote for spells of loneliness. Truly important moments in life are viewed by loved ones on their TV screens, anytime they wish, with no computer skills needed.

Seniors Living in Communities

Sherish lets Residents enjoy endless photos on their TV any time they wish - staying up to date with new photos while reminiscing with memorable photos to help alleviate lonely spells.

For Senior Living Communities

Coming Soon: Seniors Living at Home

Sherish for seniors living at home keeps family and friends connected through photo albums that display directly on your TV. Enjoy life's memories and moments through photos to help overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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Connecting Families

The simple technology that keeps families connected through easy-to-use, personalized photo sharing, even when they are apart.

Sherish Features

Sherish Features

Easy to Use

All family members and friends share photos, that can be enhanced with voice and text captions, for their loved ones to enjoy on their own TV screens.

Safe, Private & Ad Free

Safe from the social networks' tracking and profiling, photos are saved "in the cloud" for permanent retention and constant access. No albums or shoeboxes required.

Unlimited Photos Constantly Enjoyed

The power of a photo creates strong connectors to life's memories. Photos enhanced with voice and text captions bring moments and memories to life. Imagine hearing the giggles of a grandchild or holiday greetings from loved one's as photos play on your TV.

Watch to Learn More!

See how Sherish connects your entire family with easy to use photo sharing so all can enjoy your private Family Album - right on your own TV, smartphone or tablet.