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Bring Families Together

Connected Families

Family and invited friends can add new and old pictures to the Family Album to keep connected with their senior loved ones through recent happenings and past memories. Shared photos can be personalized with a voice or text message and play in an endless slideshow on the Resident's TV. It's the perfect way to "visit" loved ones when physical visits are difficult or not possible.
Family members can also view photos added to the Family Album by the senior community ensuring that the family always stays connected.

Engaged Residents

Create a more engaged Community through the use of House Albums that feature photos of activities, outings and events fro all to enjoy. Common area TVs display the vibrancy of your Community for all to see. Residents and Families cherish the photos highlighting their involvement and engagement with fellow Residents, friends and staff.

Person Centered Care

Family Albums curated with new and old photos provide a powerful tool for Residents to reminisce, reconnect and reflect. Memories from old photos prove valuable in individual care plans. Family members can assist in adding old photos, enhanced with voice or text messages, to the Family Album that can be viewed by the Resident on their TV or with staff on a tablet or smartphone.

Improved Occupancy

By providing Sherish, you differentiate your Community by showing that you recognize the importance of keeping your Residents connected with their families and friends. Making the decision to move in becomes easier when Families feel connected to their loved one and your Senior Community.

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