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Memory Care

Families curate memorable old photos into Family Albums that Residents often recognize and identify with. Photos can be enhanced with text and voice messaging. Sherish Connect augments existing memory care tools and approaches by allowing unique, person-centered care from caregivers and visitation aids for Families at a minimal cost with high value.

Assisted Living

With a single touch on the Sherish Connect remote, Residents switch between watching TV to enjoying their new and old photo memories on their Family Albums. A welcome relief from watching TV, Residents watch an endless slideshow of unlimited photos shared from their Families and Friends.

Skilled- Long Term

In confined and limiting personal health situations, watching photos of Family and Friends is a coveted time for Residents in Long Term Care. Caregivers and Residents can engage when new and old family photos are displayed on TV's sharing memories and moments.


Sherish Connect provides a way for Administration to communicate with Residents by sending Community Information Slides that display on any or all Resident TVs. Examples include weather, menus, activity schedules, events, birthdays, new residents, new staff and general health reminders. In addition to improving communications, savings are realized by eliminating current efforts.

Marketing and Sales

In pre-admission visits, the concerns of separation from Family are eased as the benefits of Sherish Connect are explained. "Visits" through new photos added by Family and Friends, no matter how far away, will be constant. During tours, Community vibrancy comes alive in the photos of Community Life shown on House Albums in common areas.

System Communications

For multi-unit systems, Sherish Connect is an efficient way to connect Communities through their staff room TVs to the home office, or headquarters. Administrative messages, alerts, HR reminders and other communications can be authored using common office software and sent immediately or scheduled to any or all Communities in the system on an extremely economical basis.

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