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Keeping Families Connected FREE for 90 Days

We LOVE Sherish Connect! The app is easy to use and our residents have been able to stay connected with family and friends without pause! We cannot thank Sherish enough for the number of smiles and laughs they have helped create! -- Allison Brown, Community Relations Director for Traditions at North Willow.

COVID-19 Restricted Visits

With “No Visitors Allowed”, you can immediately implement a solution to keep your Residents and their Families in daily contact through unlimited, private photo sharing. Families and invited friends share photos that can be enhanced by adding voice and text messages. Caregivers, Activity Directors or other staff can share these photos with the Resident on a tablet or smartphone.

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, you can connect Families for digital, round-the-clock “visitations” quickly:

Sharing photos

Getting Started:

  • Sign up for Sherish Connect
  • Enter names in the Sherish Connect Roster
  • We provide onboarding and support for Families to download the app and add photos
  • Your Residents view photos on tablets or smartphones shared by Caregivers, Activity and other staff.
  • Families view photos sent by the Community of their loved ones on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Optionally later, Residents Family Albums can be enjoyed on in-room TVs

For more information email us at or choose a time to learn more about how you can immediately provide this priceless service for your Residents.

I was desperate to find not only a new way to connect family members with their loved ones but also to provide something wonderful for in room visits. I was pleasantly surprised when so many of my family members signed on and started using this app. Paula Sevigne - Danby House


What does it cost?

FREE for 90 days - Following 90 days the cost is $5 per month per Resident with unlimited photos without size and usage restrictions.

How long does it take to begin providing Sherish Connect?

As soon as the Resident names and Family Coordinators are entered into the system, Families and Communities can start sharing photos right away.

How does Sherish Connect impact my staff?

With limited staff time, you are up and running with a 15-minute onboarding session. Staff will be able to enter information on the Roster and download the app to immediately begin using Sherish Connect.

Can staff add photos of the Resident?

Yes, through the Sherish Connect app Staff can simply add photos directly into the Resident’s Family Album for all to enjoy.

Do I have to buy new hardware?

No, Sherish Connect is app-based and can be accessed through any tablet or smartphone your Community may have already purchased.

Can Residents view their Family Albums on their in-room TVs?

Yes, Residents can view Family Albums on their own TV with the Sherish Connect HDMI device. Due to high demand and restrictions on visitation, we currently have limited supplies available. We are happy to work individually with you to meet your Community’s needs.

Sample Introductory Letter or E-mail to your Families & Residents

Subject: Important Announcement of New Photo “Visitation” Program

In an effort to keep you connected, with the restrictions on visitation due to the Covid-19 epidemic, (Community Name) will be providing a new program photo “visits” solution to keep you connected with your loved ones.

This simple to use, app-based program allows you to contribute to a private Family Album of photos that can be viewed by your loved one. Photos can be enhanced with voice and text messages to keep connected during this time of restricted visits. We will also be able to add photos of your loved one to your Family Album keeping you connected. Photos are constantly updated providing connection throughout the day.

You will receive an email from Sherish Connect with instructions on how to download and begin using the app. For assistance please contact Sherish Connect by e-mail: or phone (800) 968-2995.

We are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to continue connecting with your loved one while in-person visits are restricted.