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Easy to Use

Photos are easily added to your Family Album from your camera roll by simply "swiping up" on the photo while in the Sherish app. Photos in your Family Album show automatically in a continuous slideshow bringing memories and moments to life.

Watch On Your Own TV

Your loved one views their Family Album on their own TV - a technology that they are already comfortable with. There are no small screens with chargers and cords to compete with precious space. The large button, backlit remote switches between TV and your Family Album with a single touch.

Unlimited Family and Friends

Everyone you choose can share photos into your Family Album. All are included in the single monthly charge - no additional fees for additional members contributing to and sharing in your Family Album.
Family, friends, church members, bridge partners, neighbors, high school and college friends - from near and far - all can share photos and messages into the shared Family Album.

Unlimited Photos with Voice and Text Messages

Everyday and priceless old photos in your Family Album are stored safely in the cloud away from physical and careless damage.
Voice and text messages can easily be added to bring memories and moments to life. If you choose to end your Sherish service, all photos in the Family Album are returned to you in digital format.

Connect Your Family No Matter the Distance

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